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They just awarded certain signs with certain traits and planets etc. Just because you fit your signs does not mean anything! Astrology is just a thing put in newspapers every month. People like to feel like they can know themselves because we are really complicated. Besides, how can the stars predict the future? They are nothing more than great balls of gas and flame. This is why astrology is bullshit. Astrology is an old pseudo-science that holds it's value in it's explanation of people at least in this modern day.

People want to understand other people, and themselves. We like to identify with various concepts and components of this world in order to outline our and their personalities. It's why we wear certain clothes and attempt to define ourselves as certain types of people. When we romanticize who we are, all we are doing is forming an identity. Astrology is a good place to start for understanding personalities, in the sense that it will provide an understanding of the archetypes by which we loosely generalize people.

But we do not need astrology for that, while it was good for awhile, we have personality archetypes and have had them for sever millennium all the way back to Hippocrates' four humors. All Hippocrates and astrology are today are anachronistic remnants, which only serve to conflict with better prevailing theories about human behavior and archetypes.

Furthermore, the premise that celestial alignment at all affects the psychological development of people, with no proposed mechanism aside from the non-physical, is absurd and unfounded. Environment, and perhaps genetic predisposition, would never be superseded by any celestial bodies. Unless something like the minute physical force of gravity exerted by those celestial bodies or maybe electromagnetic energy emanating from those bodies, was proved to have a substantial affect on a human-being's behavior, something that I doubt, then astrology should not be an accepted explanation of human behavior.

I try to describe astrology by few adjectives fake , pseudoscience , bullshit ,nonsense ,ridiculous, fraud ,superstition , absurd , pathetic , rubbish by using suitable adjective in google, you will get masses of very on point reflections about it. Like constellations were forming bilions of years just for you.

Astrology isn’t science, but your horoscope is more real than you think

They will even eventually go out as universe expands. If were people born on earth poles at same second one meter between pole "rod", they would allegedly have totally opposite houses. Some of my opposites signs after examination had much more of my sign planets affects just because being born in different year. After believing in it many years and confirming i met people for which i would swear-all in being that sign, i was completely wrong.

The more people you know, the more you realize its complete bullshit. Two problems I have with astrology are: the tropical zodiac, which I think most astrologers use instead of the sidereal zodiac , and the Age of Aquarius. In tropical astrology, the zodiac consists of 12 signs that last for a month.

The Scientific Basis of Astrology - Book Review

The zodiac signs and when the sun is in the signs has remained the same for over 2, years. About 2, years ago, the tropical zodiac more aligned with the stars. However, thanks to the precession of the equinox, the tropical zodiac is now out of touch with reality. This will certainly confuse believers should they ever want to actually check the heavens to find planets.

A Dialogue between Astrology and Science by Maarit Laurento

Also, we would think astrologers would agree on when the Age of Aquarius starts. No such luck. Popular starting dates are February 4, , the Summer of Love , November 11, , and most famously December 21, Astrologers seem to want to get the Age of Aquarius started as soon as possible if not yesterday, while on the other hand astrologers refuse to adjust their tropical zodiac, calling people born on March 22, Aries, when in reality, the sun would be for the time being in the constellation Pisces.

Inconsistency and unreliability makes astrological predictions questionable.

Skepticism 101

It's amazing how people try to make up evidence with their own experiences or opinion as if it were actually true. Statistically proven, conformation bias is the primary reason why people feel that their specific horoscope applies to them. I respect anyone's believe because it is the most respectful thing you can do, but ignorance over things that are clearly not true and when there is more than enough evidence that disproves it is not okay or excusable. People should do more research to discover the truth over things they truly do not know rather than passing it off with saying, "It is true because I say so or it corresponds enough to my liking.

I don't understand what is the relationship between the stars and us. There are billions of stars in the galaxy and so the people on this earth, how can an astrologer predict our future depends on the movement of a particular star? How can a palmist predict our future when he himself sits on the roadside and doesn't know about his future. Sorry if i have written something wrong. I just gave my opinion.

We all know about the famous experiment of Richard Dawkins, where he chose random people ,then asked them about their zodiac sign and told them about the predictions about another zodiac sign. All of then said that the prediction was pinpoint and accurate, when truth was revealed all subjects were baffled. Many controlled experiments have proved that astrologers perform worse than a chimpanzee i.

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The Church had long seen Astrology as subversive and early science was not compatible with deductive theories about the complexities of the human psyche and patterns of behaviour. The Legacy of this Decline: Isolated from the academic environment for over two centuries, astrology is increasingly judged from a position of ignorance. Such prejudice is unquestioningly passed onto the next generation of students so that astrologers are seen by as heretics.

Media distortion and regulation. The tabloid press presents astrology in a sensationalist manner with unsupportable predictions. Historic bias now masquerades as scepticism and can infect top scientists. Mainstream scientific journals will not publish an astrology paper as it is not their field and they cannot peer review it. Yet, flawed experiments supporting a sceptical agenda that would not pass peer review in journals like Correlation, sneak into 'respectable' journals.

For many, especially older, male, white scientists, the subject is taboo unless like Professor Hans Eysenck, you get tenure and can indulge your hidden interest. Yet, conventional wisdom dismisses it as a product of the dark ages. Astrologers only defend astrology to protect their vested interests. To try to undermine an argument by claiming that the proponent has financial, psychological or other motives rather than address the merits of the argument is an ad hominem and psychogenic fallacy. Many sceptics claim that astrologers make a lot of money.

This may be true of a few Sun-Sign columnists who are more like media celebrities than typical astrologers. The fact is that most astrologers devote much of their life to studying their subject and still struggle to make a living or supplement their income with better paid work. Their motivation is the pursuit of knowledge rather than money.

Those at the top of the multi-million dollar "Skeptical Industry" make a comfortable living and notoriety through popularizing their beliefs. There are lucrative conferences, lecture circuits, books, magazines and journals to promote and like an evangelical church, donations are encouraged by playing on the fears of the faithful. The short answer to both is no. However, much depends on your definition of science. If you are looking for laws, objectivity and predictability, then science is really confined to physics, chemistry and molecular biology. The scientific part of astrology: tidal, seismic and meteorological correlations are an ancient and important part of astrology, but not enough to classify astrology as a hard science.

The same argument applies to many other so-called sciences: such as climatology and meteorology. Most scientists argue that fields that involve human consciousness and behaviour such as psychology, sociology, economics or human senses such as nutrition or music are not science. It is arguable that evolution is not scientific under this strict definition.

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The nearest equivalents to astrology are cooking or horticulture which are both a mix of art, science and craft. Science has greatly improved the quality of our lives and enhanced our understanding of nature, but many fields that really matter to our lives are not scientific. Those who dismiss these alternative viewpoints support scientism, Such fundamental beliefs are counter to the open inquiring spirit of science. In scientism a claim is false until proven. In science a claim is unproven until proven. Some argue that using certain dictionary definitions of science, there's a case that astrology is a science as there is a body of knowledge that can be taught.

OED However, the practice of astrology by most astrologers is better defined as an art or a craft than as a science and it would be wrong for these type of astrologers to claim to be scientists. As such it would also be equally wrong for a scientist who has not studied astrology, to consider him or herself qualified to judge such practices since they are outside the realm of science.

And others, which I may be forgetting. A combination of all of these things is what makes a person unique. Most websites rely on sun sign alone, but this is not and should not be the case. And besides, astrology cannot be used to predict things on a day to day basis. It can give you a general idea of themes in life.

Horary astrology can offer insight, but ultimately you must make the decision--it's not simply the stars saying what to do or what not to do. Astrology is an amazing science that is being overgeneralized into useless garbage that causes people not to believe. Do your whole birth chart sometime and decide if it really tells you anything about yourself. We need to respect astrology, not shove it aside as an "useless" science because it is important and matters.

The overgeneralization is what is causing this. You should consider traits and factors from all of the celestial bodies. Don't act like you know everything about astrology and I accept that I don't and support it or bash it without looking into how it is really done. Truth remains true and it is not based on how many of them believe it. Objecting any science or belief with out its knowledge is the peak of stupidity.

TOK PRESENTATION - Are Pseudo Sciences Valid Astrology...

I am in search of the truth believing that I can understand it. However few samples of why I got attracted to know astrology in detail are: 1. If magnets are attracted to our earth's magnetic field north and south poles which is thousands of miles away, why can't our blood containing iron being impacted by earth's and the said nine planet's magnetic attraction? May get more question in the process of learning which approves the meaning of true learning.

Astrology is an important part of the history of our society and is also the foundation of everything we know about the universe. Early astrologists formed the foundation of what we know and accept today as astronomy which has proven much of the early theories presented by the astrologists.

We know the moon affects the tides because we can prove it with objective evidence. We have not yet been able to quantify the effect the planetary and celestial energies have upon human development but I would be surprised to find out those wise astrologists were wrong about absolutely everything.

It's funny how sometimes, reading the previous month's horoscope, it kind of makes sense and most of the predictions have happened. It doesn't always match, but when it does it makes you wonder. Of course, not all horoscopes are accurate, but I find Susan Miller's predictions quite good.

Astrologers must learn from history

I enjoy reading it every now and then. Yes, I believe in astrology. I believe that the position of the stars and planets at a specific time can be responsible for certain actions and emotions. This is because they recognize there are good and bad times for specific actions and can sense that the time is not right for them. Astrology has always been with us and always had a lot of followers, even though most people would rather not confess to it. Most people take a few seconds every day to glance at their horoscopes in the newspaper they are reading.

I'm really touched by my horoscope. If it's bad for a day then my day somehow turns upside down. I am serious!! My horoscope describes me perfectly, sometimes when i meet a new person who is into horoscopes, we share experiences that are just weird, yet believable. I think that people who think that horoscopes are bull are closed minded and are just not letting their mind wander a little.

I think i have a really close relationship with my horoscope, yet my family doesnt and they look at me as if I am some psycho or something. I even wear my horoscope sign as a necklace. Horoscopes are not true i understand, well at least sometimes they are true, on the other hand zodiac signs are very true , trust me i know 6 libras and they all behave the exact same.

You just have to understand the difference between them, and that would make your life so much easier.

How couldn't it be true?

Astrology isn't just your sun sign, it's your rising sign and your moon sign and your Mercury and Venus and Jupiter etc. Astrology isn't actually reading the future, its defining your personality. And don't have a crush on someone just because you're compatible, you crush on someone and work with or around their sun sign. I'm a Libra and some of the things I read I think Oh, God that's not me at all but the i read the Capricorn I'm a Capricorn Rising and the Virgo I've got a Virgo Moon and then put all i have read together i find that it absolutely describes me.

Yeah, i sometimes think actually don't think i act like that but most, if not all the time i think it fits me. All my friends Sagittarius, Scorpio, Gemini, Aquarius and Capricorn fit their sun signs perfectly, even if they say they don't. Astrology Is Real, You Idiots!!!!!!!!!!! Myself as an example, My sun sign is Aries, my ascendant or "rising" sign is virgo, but my moon is in libra.