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Shared Weaknesses show where the relationship has a tendency to preserve and enhance bad behavioral patterns or missing abilities and provide a measure of negative impacts. Additional Information is composed of useful and important information about the relationship, like aspect category abundance or deficiency, house emphasis or the soli-lunar phase of the Composite Horoscope. To calculate all of this we use the following indicators: Hemisphere emphasis Mutual aspect type prevalance Zodiac quarter emphasis Sign quality emphasis Preferred relationship type Sign elements emphasis House quality emphasis Radix aspect type pervalence Mutual house emphasis Mercury relationship to the Sun Venus relationship to the Sun Radix planet dominance Composite soli-lunar phase Aspect categories Radix soli-lunar phase.

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Aspect Categories. Don't know the birth time but wonder what the best case scenario would be?

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Why not guess? It's not proper astrology but let's face it, everybody likes to guess the time of the partner when unknown. So, why don't help it? This option checks if some important key aspects are present and sets the birth time to fully activate them. Use this option if you have an idea what this persons Ascendant could be for example based on facial features Keep in mind this is not a rectification method, it is a guess for one of the best possible scenarios.

The program will search for important key aspects within the time range in which the Ascendant is in the selected sign and narrow down the time accordingly.

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If you don't have a guess what the Ascendat could be keep the select box set to default??? Time of Birth hh:mm. Enter Datetime Manually. Year of Birth.

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Day of Birth. Birth Hour??? Birth Minute. Birth City. Enter Geography Manually It is not recommended to enter geography manually. Birth Country. Longitude Degree. Longitude Minute. Latitude Degree. Latitude Minute. Woman's Name.

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Birth Year. Birth Day. Birth Time??? Enter Current Geography Manually It is not recommended to enter geography manually.


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Astrology personalized reports Couple synastry report SYNASTRY comparison of two birth charts Couple's astrological compatibility Couple's astrological synastry This document is an astrological interpretation of the comparison of charts for a couple. This study of the compatibility in a relationship is based on the analysis of the positions of planets and houses in each natal chart. This comparison uses several parameters into account, such as the positions in sign of personal planets, the positions in compared houses and planetary interaspects.

This powerful synastry will give you some key elements in order to get better in touch with your affinities, your complementarities or eventually incompatibilities in your relationship. AstroQuick Synastry reports The texts of this astrological analysis were written by the astrologer Patrick Giani. The English translation was made by Loic Janin. All the astrological data and charts are calculated with high precision by Daniel Vega 's AstroQuick software. This astrological study of about 15 to 25 pages includes all natal and composite charts in color.

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