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Together these planets make up the bulk of your inner and outer personality. Along with the types of continued experiences that influence them. Identify the Sun and Moon in your chart. They are represented by these symbols here. Remember that the house placements show the areas of life that are important to you and are major themes in your life. The sign shows the characteristics that come through your personality and life experiences.

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Your Sun representing your outward self, and Moon inward. These elements essentially represent how your life unfolds, and what shapes your personality over time. They are like your Sun and Moon, except more specifically the life path and life events which further shape your personality. You might think of this as who you are becoming, and strongly representing you and your life in the chart.

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Your Ascendant represents the qualities that you are developing as a result of your life experiences. There is only a sign associated with it because it is always associated with the 1st house. Your Chart Ruler, on the other hand, is essentially the planet that rules the sign your Ascendant is in.

The house and sign position the Chart Ruler is placed in represents a more detailed look, at not only what characteristics you are developing, but the area of life as well. Look up the characteristics of this sign using the same PDF we used earlier. Remember these are the qualities that come through your overall life experiences and shape who you are becoming.

These are very important qualities to develop in your life. First you must know what planet rules the sign your Ascendant is in. Use this PDF here to get a list of rulers for each of the zodiac signs. Once you have identified your Chart Ruler locate its house and sign placement, just like you did for the Sun and Moon.

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Remember the Chart Ruler essentially represents you in the chart, and what is being developed. Analyzing and understanding these four components alone will account for a huge understanding of who you are and your prominent life experiences. These are called aspects. The aspects can either be found on in the inside of the chart, next to the chart, or both.

Here is a PDF of what the different aspects mean, for your further analysis. Next you can look at the inner planets of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Then the middle planets: Jupiter and Saturn. Followed by the outer planets of Uranus and Neptune.

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And the comets: Chiron and Pluto. Analyzing their house and sign placements.

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Note that as you move further out to the more distant planets, the personality characteristics become that much deeper and less apparent. Much like an Onion, where the outer layer of our personality and experiences represent the four main components we covered in this video. Followed by the inner planets, middle, then outer at the center of the onion. As a side note, pay particular attention to any planets in the 1st house as they will tend to come through strongly in the personality and experiences.

Here is a list of the major planets, it shows what elements of the self, and experience in life, they represent.

The Chartwheel and the Zodiac

With continued practice, focusing primarily on the four major components of the birth chart outlined in this video.. Birth Chart Calculator. What is Sidereal Astrology? PS If you would like your report emailed to you enter, your email address at the bottom where you will also have the option to receive my newsletter.

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Skip to content. Hey Beautiful Soul, As a thank you for all your support I have a treat for you. With all love Michele PS If you would like your report emailed to you enter, your email address at the bottom where you will also have the option to receive my newsletter. For the time of birth enter the local time on the clock at birth. If you don't know the time tick the box 'Time Unknown'.

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Start typing the beginning of the birth city and then pick correct one from the list. If the city of birth does not appear in the list please contact support. Note: the data that you enter here is sent securely to our servers and is not retained. Gender Male Female.

Your time of birth. Enter the local time on the clock when you were born, do not adjust for summer time.

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