Moon sign leo compatibility

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility

These people are a combination of fire and earth energy, and both of these signs are fixed signs, which make these people hesitant to make any changes. They are not at all flexible and can be very stubborn. Even when they work for someone, some of these people are prone to exhibit their behavior of a spoilt brat which they use to manipulate people and get what they want. They can recognize quality and desire to have quality things. With Leo influence, that desire can indicate extravagant spending to have expensive and branded items with which they will show off with in public.

These people often have a problematic temper and it is not easy to make an agreement with them about anything. They are very arrogant and are prone to looking at other people from a pedestal they have put themselves on. These people often have a superiority complex and are often aware of that. In some cases, these traits are not very obvious and some other characteristics of the signs of Taurus and Leo prevail, such as generosity, kindness, helpfulness, and desire to care for and nurture others.

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Although these people usually tend to be focused first and foremost on themselves in some cases they tend to be more down to earth and aware of the people around them. The good traits of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Leo: kind, generous, helpful, eye for quality, creative, artistic, nurturing, caring, have an eye for quality, ambitious, financially well-off, successful, confident, strong self-esteem, etc.

They are often arrogant and self-centered. These traits are not a recommendation for their potential long-term relationship partners. These people have a difficulty making agreements with their partners. They desire everything to be the way they want, and that often creates conflicts with people who like to have their say about things that involve them.

In the best case scenario, they desire to make a compromise with their partners. They are passionate and desire a passionate partner. Their partner should be someone they will be attracted to very much. They are not shy and openly demonstrate their desires and needs. For people who are comfortable with not having the lead and being organized by their partner, this person is a good match.

They also need to be immune to their self-centeredness and superior attitude. They need to have things done their way in all segments of mutual living.

Moon Sign Meaning Compatibility Simplified

If these people have some other influences which could neutralize the effect of these traits, the situation could be different and these people could behave in a slightly different manner. They are dominant in regards to their partners but also in regards to their children. They often behave similarly towards their partners if they allow them. For people with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Leo, the best match would be someone who can tolerate their exaggerated personality and need to be in the center of attention. These people can be full of themselves, arrogant, and have a superiority complex.

Leo Moon Compatibility: Passionate Pride ⋆ Astromatcha

They often believe that they are somehow better than others and that they deserve everything they desire. These people have a high opinion about their personal value and qualities and desire to be admired by everyone, especially by their partners. They want things to be the way they desire and others just need to comply with their will. Once you gain this you will find that you are willing to help others in need. Avoid, if possible, a Moon in the signs below as emotional and domestic differences will be likely:.

The performance of the identity is believed to have been ignored. It wants to be the center of attraction. Their is also a subconscious hidden desire to be someone in authority. They are very ambitious and their drive for security is very strong too. This is one of the most advantageous position in a birth horoscope for the natal moon.

It is a very stable moon. There is an increased awareness of the external world.

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In Leo, the Moon reveals herself completely. Many lunar Leonians can light up dark places with the magic of their glamorous presence. Moon in Leo people have a keen and enthusiastic interest in life. This Moon gives a free-hearted nature with a love for pleasure, music, art, and sports. These people enjoy children, romance, gaiety, parties, games and celebrations and do their best to see that everyone has a good time. Sight is the most developed sense.

The first appeal must be made to their heart rather than their head..

Synastry Inter-Aspect Series: MOON + MOON Compatibility

What they believe in is tied or linked with their affections. They are very independent and love their freedom. Mothers of these Leo Moon people may have tried to decide everything for them, but would have considered that the best was none too good for their children. They would have been very interested in their mental and moral training even though they would not have been very interested in their physical needs or in taking care of them physically. The personal appearance of these people is outstanding. They are usually very good looking and dress with great care and taste.

Leo Moon Compatibility: Passionate Pride

This is almost the only moon position that has a purely romantic, high-minded and spotless conception of love. Their is no inclination toward any form of sexual perversity or irregularities. The passions are primitive but straight. With the Moon in Leo, self-sacrifice is part of the nature. These people give much of themselves that they make complete dependents of those that they love.

There is so much heart and passion behind everything that they do, that the objects of their devotion must be fine indeed t live up to the heights upon which they are placed. Dangers of this position are jealousy, vengeance, and self-sacrifice. These people are so jealous that they will go to any lengths to protect their affections and possessions from trespassers. They are equally terrible in revenge. There is nothing subtle about their attack. Their responses to both of these passions jealousy and revenge are intense, primitive and direct.

Women with this Moon are apt to be domineering and high-minded. She often chooses a weaker man.