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This observation might pertain to several different areas of your life. You have gained insight into what holds you back.

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You can choose to make a change or stay in the same rut. Communication flourishes. Tonight: Get a project done.

November 6 Birthday horoscope - zodiac sign for November 6th

Your creativity emerges, allowing you to more easily handle a difficult problem that comes forward. You might not have given much thought to this situation, which certainly is new to you. Trust your ability to find your way through this matter. Tonight: Let the fun begin. You can't seem to avoid a personal situation that could influence your professional life as well.

You would be well-advised to keep work and play separate. A person from a distance could give you some helpful feedback. Listen to what a friend has to share. Tonight: Close to home. Reach out to a neighbour or family member. What you hear could be startling and might force you to rethink your position. Know how much is enough to succeed and decide what you're willing to work with.

A strong sense of direction will help you. Tonight: Accept an offer. Be aware of the costs of proceeding as you have been. You could feel out of whack with the outcome, especially if you have spent too much too quickly.

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Make sure that your efforts are in line with your needs and abilities. Tonight: Join a friend or two and enjoy a favourite pastime. You have put in an extraordinary effort to get where you are. At this point, you can stand back some and observe. News comes forward that could force you to slow down and handle a personal matter first. Know that you will get the results you desire. About Daily Defenders. Woo Hoo! Good Karma Alert!

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See where each planet is and how they're affecting you right now! Know your personal karmic powers!

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