Capricorn weekly horoscope 17 december

Being as enlightened and reasonable as you are, others continually seek your advice. Just be gentle and understanding with those who come to you! Teaching others is a strong suit of yours, as long as you don't get aggressive or impatient with people who learn at a different pace.

The influence of the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp creates brave, hardworking individuals who are ready to thrive!

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You're motivated and eager to climb ladders and kick some workforce butt. But your intense focus and drive can create a wedge between you and your loved ones. You are independent and uncompromising, and while that attitude will have you changing the world, you might wind up a little lonely from time to time.

If you're born on this Cusp of Prophecy, you have all the potential you could ever imagine, right at your fingertips. Be thankful for the natural energy and determination that boils inside you, but make sure you use it for good. You can make a genuine difference, as long as you have a plan and know where you're going!

If you can remember to care for others and have a good time on your way to the top, you'll be the teacher and leader you were born to be! Your desire to expand your mind and experience all life has to offer -- coupled with your determination and drive -- can have you making a big, positive impact in your life and the lives of others.

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You're able to see and understand the issues at large, then be organized enough to take the slow and steady steps needed to reach your goals. You know how to problem solve strategically, without losing your optimistic attitude -- the makings of an incredible leader!

Capricorn weekly horoscope - 7 Oct 12222, Monday - 13 Oct 12222, Sunday

You can come across as quite isolated and intense when you're in the zone. You're influenced by that fiery Sagittarius energy, but your Capricorn side prefers to turn into ambition and success. With all this passion going into your work world, there's not a lot of time left for the people in your life.

Though you're outgoing and loyal to those who make it into your circle, you might not offer them the emotional balance that a true friendship or romance deserves. Belonging to the Cusp of Prophecy means leading, teaching, and often being occupied at work or with your talents and passions. Your seventh house of partnerships is now being occupied by the sun.

Your Monthly Horoscope

You've got love and commitment on your mind, as well as how you can mutually benefit from the people in your life. Getting closer to someone will give you so many answers. With a full moon electrifying your first house of the self, you're understanding your identity on a deep and emotional level. How can you become more self-assured? The sun has slid into your sixth house of health and work, drawing your focus towards how diligent and productive you are in your overall life. What responsibilities have you been neglecting?

Can you work harder and more efficiently to achieve your goals? A full moon brings focus to your 12th house of spirituality, asking you for a moment of solitude and meditation. Your intuition contains heavy truth, so listen to its whispers. Your fifth house of fun and pleasure is golden from the sun's light, floating you with creative inspiration.

Capricorn Health & Wellness Horoscope

This is when you're meant to enjoy your life and get in touch with your inner child. Remember all the fun things that the world has to offer. With a full moon in your 11th house of community, you're receiving insight about causes you care about. You're also learning more about what you need from your social circles. The sun has entered your fourth house of home and family, launching you into a period of rejuvenation. Feel free to behave like a hermit and spend time working on your home life and nurturing relationships with those who matter most. A full moon in your 10th house of career brings your attention to your overall goals in life, inspiring you to make it or break it.

If your career is lacking something, now is not the time to ignore it. Your third house of communication is being galvanized by the sun, turning your brain on hyperdrive and showering you with ideas.

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This is a perfect time to revamp your daily schedule, cross items off your to-do list, and communicate more clearly. A full moon in your ninth house of adventure will show you the big picture, something beyond what you've been worrying about. You'll see things from a different perspective.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope December 18-24 2017 Astrology & Tarot

The sun has entered your second house of finance and stability, rearranging your focus towards more practical and literal matters. You'll become more concerned about how you can build the life you want and discover knew modes of earning. With a full moon in your eighth house of intimacy and transformation, bringing a head to a sensitive situation with someone you have made financial or emotional commitments to.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

The sun has rolled into your first house of the self, drawing your attention to every aspect of your identity. You're looking at who you've become over the past year and learning how to feel confident about the changes you're currently making. A full moon enchants your seventh house of partnerships, showing you how the person you are fits in a commitment with someone else.

What do your relationships truly need? The sun has flown into your 12th house of spirituality, thus beginning a period of solitude, contemplation, and introspection. It's very important to learn how to exist on your own during this time, to understand the power of your raw depth.