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Your sensitivity, however, makes your life a bit bumpy at times. You are highly aware of what others think, and, whether you care to admit it or not, the thoughts of others matter to you.

You must work hard to maintain your own center in the emotional storms you encounter. You work well with others, often inspiring them by your example and your idealism. You do not do well in the business world, except perhaps in the role of advisor. Your mind works intuitively, rather than rationally. Your thoughts and actions tend to be dramatic. You explore and solve problems mainly through intuition. With its muzzle points at the other's tail and follows one that follows. Rats are blessed with sharp prospects that enable them to make a great judgment and avoid unnecessary troubles.

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At times, you display an extraordinary clairvoyance gift. If you have only one dragon. I don't think the amish did it, perhaps satanic mossad members and their pals in raw. November to the 16th of december, which the sun spends in passing from libra. Vulcanus is a hypothetical trans-neptunian planet, the existence of which is not proven. Earthquake to knock them off balance.

Your daughter born in Vishaka nakshtra rashi and vishakha nakshtra lagna…….. Keep the name like which first name total should come 3 or 6 or 5 or 2 ….. Brahmini name total comes 3 ….. Name which will be writeen on birth cetificate, bank account or school certificate…………….

Name number? Starting letter for name, can you please suggest best names. Your daughter born in Pushya nakshtra rashi and purva phalguni nakshtra lagna…….. Keep the name like which first name total should come 3 or 6 or 5 ….. Use the given the excel calculaor at the end of post for name totaling………….


Hi my baby girl is born on 3rd Feb at am…what wud b a Gud alphabet to start the name. Hi My daughter has born on Dec at 7.

Can you please suggest the best name or starting letter.. Thanks in advance. Hi, My daughter born on and we have kept her name as Vihaana Parmar.. Please let me know which name number suits for her psychic number. Dear sir, my daughter DOB is 7 Nov at AM , please suggest me a numerology number and letter which suits her best or complete name as per her number. Thank you in advance:. Best starting letter is V or K…………keep the name like which total should 5.

First name total should be 5 and total name including surname should be 2 or 3 or 5. If this combination not possible, then First name total should be 2 or 3 or 5 and total name including surname should be 2 or 3 or 5. But use numerology calculator of chaldian or Vedic or provided Excel calculator at end the post.

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Hello my name is Rachit Mahesh Bakshi. Requesting you to know how should i use my name in documents and signature to benefit more in life. Thank you so much. Your Psychic number is 2 and your destiny number is 1. As in your birth chart saturn is good planet which represent 8 number.

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So, You can keep name on document as Rachit Mahesh Bakshi…. Thank u so much sir … just one more thing to ask … if my girls psychic and destiny number is 6, can i keep her soul nmbr 6 …. Yes …. Sir intials doesnt matter in numerology …. Every astrologer can predict about 7 planets fruits but about rahu and ketu no one can predict………. I have mailed the answer in detail…. If my daughter psychic number wnd destiny number is same … then which soul number should i go for and is surname included while calculating soul number.

The vibration of sound considered more important in numerology….. Please guide the best nme number for the above date.


Moon In Mula pada 3. Ketu in Magha house number 4. I think, at this stage you should not go for numerology…. Skip to content. Post Views: 9, Share this: Tweet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Mivaan total 9 and mivaan sharma total is 7…. Good combination go ahead. Elder: Born on Kindly provide your kind suggestions. Hi Sir.. Also, suggest me with what numerology numbers should I consider to keep his name.

For paid consultancy submit the details on this website In paid report you will get soul number, nakshtra details, lucky numbers, interested area in life and many more……you can check sample report here. For paid consultancy submit the details on this website In Free consultancy, you will get soul number and nakshatra details. Nishant Sir kindly suggest me the suitable name and letters for my daughter. Hi Sir, My daughter born on July Dear sir, My son D. B is August Birth Place — Chennai ,Tamilnadu, India Time — IST Based on the info in this post, we have identified the psychic number is 4 and destiny number is 5 for which the Soul numbers are 6 or 7 or 8 or 9.

Dha, DA, Bhu , Keep the name like which first name total should come 3 or 9….. Dont keep name on number 8 becoz already saturn so strong in the chart. Hi SIr, My son D. Their Pyshic and Destiny numbers are 2. We would like to Keep name as per the numerology. Please let us know the same. Indu Lagna……etc You can use M letter for the name purpose as it comes under 5th sequence.

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My daughter born on AM can I keep here name pushyami…. Use the given the excel calculator at the end of post for name totaling…………. You can keep name other than janm rashi…… Use the given the excel calculator at the end of post for name totaling…………. Time : am. Place : Bengaluru. Plz suggest name. Can you please suggest from which letter we have to keep name for baby, Please tell me.

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  6. Hai sir my d. So please help me sir to get a good name as per numerology. So please help me sir to get a suitable name. Thank you sir and also please suggest some other names which is suitable. Kindly check your gmail id…………. Namaskram Andi iam from andhrapradesh my baby born in suggest me name sir pls. Sir my son is born on 8th April Place: Tumkur… please suggest which letter should i keep for him for a good future. My daughter born on 16th October , please suggest names to my daughter. I am thinking to name her with alphabet starts with S…please suggest.

    You can keep name from s letter also…no problem….