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Since it gives identity and importance to a person in the society. Good academic ability leads to a smooth career. Education is seen through the fourth house. It shows education gained in school. The fifth house shows knowledge gained after completion of education of school; whether it is in any institution or in an office or in any workplace. If the first, fourth, fifth houses are in good condition then it uplifts the tenth house.

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Third house shows the mental inclination of a person. It shows enthusiasm in a person.

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Nothing is expected of a person with a weak third house. This means that the person lacks strength and enthusiasm in his life.

Career Horoscope: Best Career Paths According to Your Zodiac Sign

It also shows the employer of; a person. Seventh house shows business partnerships and foreign travels whereas eleventh house denotes gains. The planet related to Sun ascendant and Moon ascendant should also be judged as well. The planet which is the strongest of all will influence the field of career more. Planets are divided into two categories:. Some career streams are a mixture of both technical and non-technical. Further, astrology is also able to guide whether one is able to shine in job or business.

They want a job that won't be too serious, and that allows them the flexibility they want in life. Cancers want their work to be caring, helpful, and true to who they are.

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Their work will often revolve around women or children, or they may just project feminine energy into their field of choice. Cancer energy is actually great with money and starting new projects, and with their protective nature, they are trusted workers.

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Like the star in our sky, Leo has a lot to give and wants to be recognized. Leos do well when they can be leaders, or in roles where they can inspire others. They prefer their work to be creative, positive, and independent. They might work in social media, teaching, entertainment, design, become musicians performers, etc. Leos make gifted salespeople, care-givers, and entrepreneurs. They love getting recognition for their work and need to feel appreciated.

Virgo, because they're so detail-oriented, are best at jobs that require technical skills and specific talents. They really want to be the best at what they do, and will strive for perfection. Virgos are selfless, industrious people, so they will often do the dirty, detailed work that others may miss. Modeling, party planning, the art scene, stylists, lawyers, communications, realty, sales, politics and diplomacy — any job that grants freedom to utilize their Venusian charisma and agreeableness.

Represented by the scales, Librans care about balance and fairness in the workplace; jobs with strict hierarchies might bother them. A Scorpio's ideal job would be something that lets them use their intuition and personal power. Doctors, private investigators, detectives, social workers, creative writers, politicians, therapists or anything other worldly like astrology, death and the paranormal, tarot, and magic also appeal to Scorpios. Privacy is very important to them, so they don't want their job being too public or else they feel vulnerable.

Sag's ideal job is one that encourages philosophical growth and expansion. Geminis are masters of communication; they make for excellent novelists, poets and songwriters. Geminis are animated and sharp with no lack of imaginative energy. In our landscape of ever-evolving media and volatile news cycles, journalism may suit you perfectly.

You do need a certain level of flexibility with your work, as you typically reject structure and can grow easily frustrated by routine. Your ability to adapt makes you valuable in times of transition, and you have no problem hopping around from one assignment to another. For some Geminis, that is entirely true — for others, you simply need a job that gives you the freedom to define your own schedule and constantly evolve. Self-employment would be ideal. While you have a knack for conversation, you are intensely independent and hate to ask for help.

You want to believe that you can hold yourself accountable, but there will always be someone to answer to for your mistakes. They care about everything more than you care about anything. Unless, of course, you are a Cancer — in which case, your friends owe you some thank you notes. The Cancer image is intimately associated with feeling for and nurturing others.

Your career may be creative, entrepreneurial or something entirely different, but that sense of purpose is integral to how you define success. As such, you may feel most at home in education, childcare or healthcare. Cancers are also highly sensitive to criticism, and will thrive most with positive reinforcement.

While Cancers are finely tuned to the needs of others and enjoy offering support, they need to feel that support in return; many tend to retreat and shut down when feeling micromanaged or attacked. Visible, tangible impact is important to them — a simple Teacher Appreciation Day or complimentary email would work wonders.

As a Cancer, try to remember that a lack of vocal appreciation does not necessarily mean your work does not matter. When you consider that some of the highest-profile people in the world are Leos, it makes sense that every astrologist ever recognizes the lion as having a future in the public eye. They are notorious show-offs, adorned with a deep sense of pride and highly creative instincts.

Leos are often immortalized for theatrics or power, but they are also genuine, generous people who delight in helping others. Leos need to feel proud in order to do good work, which may be why many take up charitable causes or try to make a difference through politics. As a Leo, your loyalty outweighs vanity every time. Feel free to follow a path that allows you to work independently and seek praise, but remember that you are at your best in a collaborative environment.

A typical analysis of the Virgo sign would be: neat, organized, knee-deep in Lysol. But far be it for Virgos to be pigeonholed — directors like Baz Luhrmann, Tim Burton and Ava DuVernay illustrate their Virgo natures through precise and intelligent filmmaking, carefully crafting worlds that feel both unique and convincing.

Virgos generally prefer to work remotely and humbly rather than taking the helm, but you may find that it comes naturally to manage a project at work.

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Jump at opportunities to flex your executive muscles. You can create order from chaos, sort out complicated details and propose logical solutions. As a Virgo, you perform best in peaceful and professional conditions.

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But allow yourself the opportunity to loosen up once in a while; ever the perfectionist, your greatest critic will always be your own self. If you are a manager or recruiter of some kind, trust me on this: you want a Libra on your team. And my evidence for this claim rests with two famous, vastly different but equally impressive blondes: Elle Woods and Leslie Knope. This is the Libra mentality. Libras are flexible people with a wide variety of interests.


They are defined by their love for balance, equality and harmony. As a Libra, your sense of justice and your knack for intrapersonal connection suits you well for a career in justice or diplomatic relations: lawyer, mediator, judge, government official, etc. Libras can even charm the pants off of guarded Harvard students Emmett or stubborn, mustachioed men Ron Swanson.